Craft Workers At Dublin Airpor...


Craft Workers At Dublin Airport To Be Balloted For Industrial Action

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The UNITE Trade Union says trust has been destroyed between the Dublin Airport Authority and its members.

Craft workers, represented by the union, are in a dispute with Dublin Airport operators over working arrangements relating to the Covid-19 pandemic

There are also concerns around the potential outsourcing of work.

UNITE says it will still ballot its members on industrial action, despite threats of legal action from the company.

The DAA says any action by craft workers would be unlawful and would put the operation of Dublin Airport at risk.

Willie Quigley, Regional Officer with UNITE, believes the company had intended to outsource the roles from the outset:

"The company had accepted the recommendations [and] the union had accepted them," he said.

"What normally happens then with a normal company that does industrial relations in a normal way - the implementation begins."

"The company have said no, so it begs the question - was it the preference of DAA all along that outsourcing was the name of the game all along?

"It looks like that from where we sit at this moment in time."

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