COVID-19: 589 New Cases In Ire...


COVID-19: 589 New Cases In Ireland

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

06:32 13 Jul 2021

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There have been 589 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland.

Latest available figures show there are 62 people in hospital with the virus, with 17 of these in ICU.

The Department of Health says these numbers may change due to future data review.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ronan Glynn, says the Delta variant is now making up 80% of new cases here.

"Scientific evidence shows that Delta is a much more transmissible variant of COVID-19, now accounting for 80% of the cases reported in Ireland.

"This is a challenge that is facing all of Europe, but we know that basic public health measures still work against this variant.

"Please continue to avoid crowds, wear a mask, manage contacts, keep a distance, meet outdoors and if indoors, ensure the room is well ventilated.

"With incidence of the disease continuing to increase, the rapid identification of cases and outbreaks of COVID-19 is essential.

"We are asking anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 to work with our contact tracers to identify all of your close contacts, so that they, their families and colleagues can be protected.

"If you know you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19, or if you have any symptoms, stay at home and organise a free test as soon as possible."

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar speaking to the media while arriving at Dublin Castle for a Cabinet meeting. Tánaiste Leo Varadkar speaking to the media while arriving at Dublin Castle for a Cabinet meeting. Picture by: Sasko Lazarov /

It comes as Tánaiste Leo Varadkar says a 105-minute time limit for people who can access indoor hospitality is already under review.

He says this rule will be looked at before the sector opens to vaccinated people, or those who have recovered from COVID-19.

Speaking earlier he said: "That is under review by the way, so that's one of the things that the Working Group under Catherine Martin is going to examine before we open.

"It's to do with contact tracing, and it's to do with reducing the amount of time that anyone spends in an indoor space.

"And bear in mind that only applies if the tables are less than two metres apart.

"So in your fine dining restaurant or even your not too busy rural pub, it only applies where tables are close together - but that is under review".

Mr Varadkar says he did want to see the rule removed, but "I would prefer to do that with the support of our public health advisers rather than a political decision".

Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of people will be receiving their EU Digital COVID Cert over the coming days, either by post or e-mail.

The certs - aimed at allowing easier travel between EU member states - will be available for anyone who has been fully vaccinated, as well as those who have recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months.

However, only the former group will be receiving certs automatically.

Around one million fully vaccinated people will be getting their cert by e-mail, and these are all expected to be sent by Thursday.

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