Council Boss Wants To Aggressi...


Council Boss Wants To Aggressively Restrict Space For Cars

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

07:15 28 Mar 2022

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The head of Dublin City Council wants to aggressively restrict road space for cars in order to create more protected cycling lanes.

Owen Keegan says the private car remains the prefered choice in the capital for too many residents and for too many journeys.

He told a conference on cycling last week that efforts to make cycling a much more attractive option to more people need to be intensified.

The chief executive of Dublin city council said a significant reallocation of road space from general traffic to cycling and a significant reduction in on-street car parking was needed.

Mr Keegan said without congestion charges space for cars will need to be aggressively restricted according to the Irish Times.

The council's CEO admitted it will be a "difficult transitional journey to a more sustainable cycle and pedestrian-friendly city".

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