Coronavirus: 4,713 Confirmed P...


Coronavirus: 4,713 Confirmed PCR And 3,395 Registered Antigen Test Results

Aoibhin Meghen
Aoibhin Meghen

02:44 23 Jan 2022

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The Department of Health has confirmed a further 4,731 cases of Covid 19 confirmed by PCR test.

A further 3,395 people have also registered a positive antigen test online.

There are 845 patients being treated in Irish hospitals with the virus, 79 of whom are in ICU.

Today's daily case total of 8,126 continues the downward trend seen in the last two weeks.

However, Professor Anthony Staines from DCU says a significant amount of people are still being infected:

"The cases could remain high for some time and each of those has its sickness and its long-term health risks associated with it.

"And we are still getting the significant number of deaths every week, far more than you would get from influenza in a normal flu season.

"So this is not a mild illness"

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