Consumer Spending Is Back Abov...


Consumer Spending Is Back Above Pre-Pandemic Levels


03:39 6 Sep 2021

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Irish consumer spending has surpassed pre-pandemic levels, according to Revolut.

The fintech company has analysed the spending habits of its 1.5 million Irish customers.

It's found Irish consumers spent 10 per cent more last month than in August 2019, with sportswear and fast food among the categories we're spending the most on.

Duncan Graham from retail retail excellence Ireland says retailers are feeling more confident going forward.

"We are going to be still very different from where we were in 2019 but I think from a retail perspective I think it's looking as though we wont be going back to those darks days of 2020," says Graham.

Meanwhile Apple's latest mobility data report shows walking and driving activity is back above pre-pandemic levels.

Data from Apple and Google also tell us that traffic volumes have largely returned to pre-pandemic levels.

But Transport Commentator Conor Faughnan thinks we're not quite there yet.

"I suspect there is a bit to go yet, September is normally the traffic season," says Faughnan.

"In normal years we are talking returning schools and colleges and things get very congested and you would notice that towards the end of September as the days darken and we'll get some really really heavy traffic mornings and that's what we'll be talking about."

Revolut also says it expects a spike in Irish consumers booking holidays now for the year ahead.

Spending on airlines was 65 percent higher last month than in August 2019, though spending at airports was still significantly lower.

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