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City Congestion Charge Suggested As Fix For Traffic Problems


05:15 5 Jul 2022

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A congestion charge similar to the UK's being suggested to help reduce the amount of traffic in our cities.

A study found Dublin's one of the worst cities in the world to be a driver, with commuters spending almost 250 hours stuck in their cars in 2018.

In London, drivers are penalised financially for using their car in certain zones and are incentivised to use public transport instead.

Lecturer in Climate Policy at DCU, Sadhbh O'Neill says time and money's being wasted putting up with traffic jams.

"A recent study by the Department of Transport estimated that the cost of congestion which is effectively borne by us as individuals, could rise to up to about €2 billion by 2033.

"This is a time cost so connectivity and being able to get to and from places where you're transacting business or accessing public services is a key public service that we need to improve."

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