Child Pyschotherapist Urges Ad...


Child Pyschotherapist Urges Adults To 'Allow Space' For Covid Teens

Valerie McHugh
Valerie McHugh

12:23 24 May 2023

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Adults need to step back and allow space for Covid teens to take healthy risks.

Child Psychotherapist, Colman Noctor, wants 14 to 17 year-olds to have a structured "summer-camp" like environment over the summer period.

He says this age group missed out on key milestones during the pandemic - like play-dates and sleepovers.

He also says parents are too involved in their children's lives.

Speaking this morning, Coleman says: "I use the analogy of teaching a child to ride a bike. 

"You have to be there at the start to get them off, and then you have to let go. 

"I would love to see a space over the summer where we could almost have some sort of structured environment where these young people could come together and work on identity, meaning and problem solving.

"But we would step back and allow them to do that." 

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