Calls For Protest Exclusion Zo...


Calls For Protest Exclusion Zones Outside Refugees Accommodation

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There are calls for protest exclusion zones to be implemented outside asylum seekers' accommodation.

It comes as there has been a dramatic increase in the number of protests that gardai have been asked to police in Dublin.

64 protests have been policed in the city this month alone, which compares to 307 in all of last year.

The Assistant Garda Commissioner for Dublin has admitted the policing of asylum seeker demonstrations has become a significant challenge.

Dublin City Cllr Michael Pigeon says these demonstrations have to be looked at. ''It's a bit like freedom of speech where you have absolutely have freedom of speech but you don't have a right to intimidate or threaten or libel someone. So I think if you're outside a hotel or home where people are shouting 'Get them out'. We have to look at that and say it's unacceptable.

Liam Herrick from the Irish Council of Civil Liberties believes existing legislation is enough to govern protests. ''The gardai are focusing on the criminal elements of these protests and are dealing with them, with the laws against intimidation, violence, threats and so on.''

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