Call For Communal Underground...


Call For Communal Underground Bins For Dublin

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

10:33 15 Feb 2024

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Dublin city council is being asked to introduce communal bins with giant underground storage in a bid to keep the streets cleaner.

The local authority has been trialing different options, including pop-up containers, for the roughly 900 streets that are allowed to put out plastic bin bags.

They are exempt from having wheelie bins because they don't have the space to store large waste containers or bin lorries are unable to get down narrow streets.

However the plastic sacks are often ripped open by animals including seagulls, rats and foxes adding to litter problems.

Green Party councillor Donna Cooney says places like Spain have normal sized bins on the street with giant tanks underneath;

"So it looks like an ordinary bin on the street but when you're putting it in it's going into this cavern and then they have a machine, like a crane, that picks them up."

She says residents and businesses could be given codes to allow access to the communal bins.

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