250k Passengers Expected At Du...


250k Passengers Expected At Dublin Airport As New Plan Unveiled

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

07:38 2 Jun 2022

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Nearly a quarter of a million passengers will depart from Dublin Airport over the next five days.

The DAA yesterday unveiled its plan for the June Bank Holiday weekend, with more screening staff and extra security lanes.

Passengers who arrive too early could be placed in holding areas, if the terminals are too busy after over a thousand people missed their flights because of long queues last Sunday.

Yesterday the airport’s CEO, Dalton Philips, came before the Oireachtas Transport Committee to explain himself. He admitted to the chair that the chaotic scenes could happen again;

“If it’s raining, will people be out in the rain?”

“Potentially, chair,” Mr Philips replied.

DAA spokesman Graeme McQueen says he's confident there won't be a repeat of last weekend's chaos;

"I think we've learned the lessons from last weekend, we've looked at what went wrong and we're going to make sure that doesn't happen again. So what we've been doing this week is making sure that we've got staffing levels where they need to be for the weekend ahead."

But founder of Aer Lingus Regional, Padraig Ó Céidigh, says yesterday's plan won't solve the situation;

"They're trying to put a plaster on serious damage and I don't think it's going to very effectively. They let go of too many people during Covid and now they're struggling to just do patchwork to keep it all going."

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