The Mysterious 'Part 1' Of The...


The Mysterious 'Part 1' Of The Cha Cha Slide Has Been Discovered


10:27 4 Jul 2023

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We never thought about this!

You know the Cha Cha Slide, a guaranteed floor filler at weddings and school discos. You don't need to learn the routine because your man tells you what to do 😅

You may remember that at the very beginning of the song, Mr C The Slide Man says: "This is something new. The Casper Slide Part 2".

If you're anything like us, you never questioned whether a Part 1 existed!

For years there has been no sign of a 'Part 1' to be found anywhere on the internet.

But if you had been wondering where this lost piece of music has been all years, wonder no more. Someone has found it and uploaded it to Youtube!

Apparently Casper was asked to create a song that could be used in an aerobics class but when he wanted to have it played on the radio, he didn't have the rights to use the backing track.

So he recorded the song again with the Platinum Band in 2000 and it took 4 years before it became an international sensation.

Speaking about the song in 2023, he said: ‘It just spread, it went crazy. When I got off a plane at Heathrow, there were about ten thousand people just waiting.’

Is he sick of the Cha Cha Slide? A little, according to an interview he did with Unilad in April, but he doesn't get sick of people dancing to it 🕺

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