Pamela Anderson Joins Liam Nee...


Pamela Anderson Joins Liam Neeson For Naked Gun Remake


11:29 17 Apr 2024

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This reboot is looking more and more promising!

Pamela Anderson is the latest to join the cast of the Naked Gun reboot, which will star Liam Neeson in the role made famous by Leslie Nielsen.

Akiva Schaffer (known for parody group The Lonely Island) is set to direct the film which is being lined up for release next summer. The script is by Dan Gregor, Doug Man and Schaffer, who all worked together on the Emmy-winning show Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers.

The original Naked Gun trilogy was hugely successful, making over $216m at the box office.

In the reboot, our own Liam Neeson will star as the hapless detective Frank Drebin, and Pamela Anderson will play his love interest.

Pamela is no stranger to comedies, having played hilarious roles in Scary Movie 3 and Borat in the past.

The reboot is looking promising so far, let’s hope they add more exciting actors to the cast!

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