Miles Cyrus Is Reportedly In T...


Miles Cyrus Is Reportedly In Talks To Do A Las Vegas Residency


12:59 15 Dec 2023

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*googles flights to Las Vegas*

Despite having recently said in an interview that she was done with touring, it’s being reported that Miley Cyrus is in talks to do a Las Vegas residency.

Which is why a Las Vegas residency might appeal to her over a tour - she can continue performing without having to move from place to place!

Rumours are swirling that she could be taking on the famous Sphere venue, which is being described as a “next-level” concert venue after U2 opened it with a series of impressive gigs earlier this year.

According to The Sun, the Miley has re-entered negotiations with MGM, who own the MGM Grand and The Sphere in Las Vegas.

And apparently they’re massively in debt as it’s costing them about $800k every time U2 go one stage! So they’re pulling out all the stops to pull in a big name like Miley who’ll hopefully bring them out of their financial trouble.

“She initially declined an offer from MGM but while she hates life on the road, she still loves being on stage. Talks resumed recently after a higher offer was put on the table.” the source said.

She could be tempted as Las Vegas residencies seem to be all the rage these days! She’d be following the footsteps of Adele who’s soon closing out her hugely successful run at Caesars Palace.

Between Kylie and Miley we’ll be breaking the bank to head over and see them!

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