Lewis Capaldi Jokes About Sex...


Lewis Capaldi Jokes About Sex Life And Lack Of New Songs

Jamie Maguire
Jamie Maguire

01:22 20 Jun 2022

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Lewis Capaldi headlines Isle Of Man Festival over the weekend.

Capaldi admitted his nerves while performing on stage as he'd away from music for quite some time.

Fans that were hoping for new music were left disappointed as Capaldi revealed he'd been lazy over the whole lockdown.

But the festival goers were not at all let down as Capaldi bashed out all the hits!

Lewis also joked about his sex life while on stage saying "It’s been a while since I did a gig like this, which is also what I tell every girl I have a one-night stand with. Yes, I have had sex, lots of sex.”

Well at least he's been somewhat busy eyy?!!

Capaldi was pictured shooting a video in London last week though, so maybe we can expect a new single soon??👀

Here's to hoping!

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