Kylie Minogue Is Planning A Ma...


Kylie Minogue Is Planning A Massive Comeback

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

10:13 17 May 2023

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Kylie's back baby!

Kylie is turning 55 this year and she's planning to celebrate it with all of us by releasing a new album.

We haven't had new music from the Australian popstar since 2020 but we've been getting the teaser that this album is getting back to "classic Kylie".


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There's plans to release content from the album 'Tension' before Kylie's birthday (the 28th of May), with the full album set to be released in September.

And with news of a new album comes rumours of a tour! It will be the first time Kylie has toured with her last album 'The Definitive Collection' back in 2019.

We are ready and waiting!

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