Here's Why Taylor Swift Fans A...


Here's Why Taylor Swift Fans Are Going Crazy Right Now


09:31 13 Nov 2023

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This woman is a genius.

Taylor Swift fans are currently losing the run of themselves, and it's all down to a subtle lyric change.

If you weren't aware, the global superstar is currently dating NFL star Travis Kelce, and the world has been following the build-up of their relationship for a while now.

Fans are massively supportive of Taylor's new relationship, as the football player had talked about having a crush on the singer before they met. Many joked that he "manifested" Taylor by going to her concert with his number on a friendship bracelet.

Ever since, every little develop in their relationship has been making headlines. Whether that's them leaving a restaurant holding hands or Taylor showing up to a Chiefs game to cheer Travis on.

So what's the latest development causing everyone to lose their minds?

Well Taylor Swift was touring in Argentina over the weekend, and Travis flew out to see her.

She was performing her song 'Karma' which has the lyrics "Karma is the guy on the screen", but she decided to tweak the words a little and sang "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs", a nod to Travis's football team.

Of course the crowd went absolutely wild and the internet was flooded with 100s of videos of this exact moment from different angles. One person in the crowd happened to be close to the VIP box and captured Travis Kelce's reaction to the lyric-change.

If that wasn't enough, everyone's hearts went a flutter at another video of Taylor running into Travis Kelce's arms as he's waiting off stage at the end of the show.

We only hope these two get married and stay together forever because who knows how the fans react if it doesn't work out 😂

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