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Hannah Spearritt Reveals A Major Actress Was Rejected From S Club 7

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

10:19 9 Oct 2023

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Wouldn't you be raging!

Hannah Spearritt has revealed that a major actress was rejected from the S Club 7 before she even opened her mouth to sing.

The singer has released her memoir 'Facing The Music', going into detail about her time in S Club 7 and bringing readers some interesting stories from behind the scenes.


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In an interview with The Sun, Hannah revealed that she once lived in a flat share with actress Sheridan Smith, and the pair went along to the S Club 7 audition together.

It had been Sheridan's mother who spotted an ad in the paper that said Simon Fuller was auditioning young talent for a new band. Sheridan convincd her housemate Hannah to come along with her to the open audition.

However, it was only Hannah who got through to the next round.

In the interview Hannah revealed the two had had a heavy night of drinking the evening before so that might have had something to do with Sheridan being dismissed from the get-go!

But thankfully there was no bad blood between the two friends as one went on to become part of S Club 7 and the other didn't.

“She was so supportive of everything that was happening to me and didn’t seem bothered at all about missing out," Hannah said.

"You only have to look at what she’s gone on to do since.”


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S Club 7 have had a number of No.1 singles in the UK & Ireland and this year they're coming back together to do a reunion tour.

However they will be performing as 'S Club' following the untimely death of the bandmate Paul Cattermole last year.

Later Hannah announced she was dropping out from the tour because she didn't want to perform as S Club without Paul.

S Club are performing at the 3Arena on Monday the 16th of October

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