Girls Aloud Admit They’ll Be D...


Girls Aloud Admit They’ll Be Ditching The Skimpy Outfits For Their Upcoming Tour


10:03 30 Nov 2023

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They'll be piling on the layers!

Girls Aloud have admitted that they’ll be making some wardrobe changes when they go on their comeback tour next year.

The group have confessed that they’ll be on throwing more modest stage outfits now that they’re older and have kids to think about.

Speaking on the podcast Table Manners, Cheryl said she was very conscious of her son Bear getting teased at school.

“I don’t want him going to school and having people be like, ‘I’ve seen your mums arse the other day’. He’s a boy, they’re lads.” she told Jessie Ware, the host of the podcast.

Kimberly added: “A catsuit I can get on board with but I don’t think my children would appreciate it.”

We can always count on Nadine to be up for the craic though, as she gave this response:

“I’ll have my arse out, I’ll take one for the team,” she joked.

Take one for the team and get your arse out 😂

Girls Aloud are bringing their massive arena tour to Dublin on the 18th of May and tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am!

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