Enrique Iglesias Announces He'...


Enrique Iglesias Announces He's Quitting Music


12:13 24 Nov 2023

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Say it ain't so Enrique!

Enrique Iglesias has announced that he's retiring from the music business at just 48 years old.

The Spanish singer is currently on tour with Pitbull and Ricky Martin on The Trilogy Tour - a moment to appreciate that inspired collaboration - but he dropped the disappointing news on this fans this week that his upcoming album will be his last.


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"It's finished. It's actually coming out in February," Enrique told Today. "It's completely finished. What I want to do is shoot one or two videos right before the second leg on the tour and launch it."

"I've been working on this album for quite a bunch of years. And for me it was always like I said, my final album… this is it. I don't think — no, I know, I won't be doing any more albums," he continued.

So his decision is apparently unmotivated by the unpleasant feedback he's been getting for his latest performances.

The singer has been the centre of mockery online as videos of him singing - not that well - are doing the rounds.

Have a listen for yourself 👇


Maybe he'll take a temporary career break and he'll be back on the road before long again.

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