Damon Albarn Reveals He's Put...


Damon Albarn Reveals He's Put Money On Oasis Getting Back Together

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:17 19 May 2023

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Just when we thought all hope was lost 😅

Damon Albarn is so convinced Oasis are going to get back together that he's put money on it!

The Blur frontman is just like us and wants nothing more than for the feuding brothers to put their differences aside and reform the band.

This information comes after Blur announced their reunion last year after a 7-year hiatus.

And it builds on the whispers that this would finally be the year we'd see an Oasis reunion as it's the 30th anniversary of 'Definitely Maybe' the band's debut album!


Just when we start to accept that it might never happen, the man behind the only other band to rival Oasis's success in the 90s is adding fuel to the fire 😂

"I can guarantee they're going to reform. In fact, I've put money on it," Damon said in an interview to The Sun.

"They're brothers and it would be wonderful to see them reconcile."

We don't know how well he knows the lads but looking at how they talk to each other online, there's no hopes of those two taking a break from their constant dig-throwing!

We reckon by the time they make up and get back together we'll all be at the gigs with zimmer frames 😂

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