Coldplay Are Asking Fans To Ad...


Coldplay Are Asking Fans To Add Their Voices To Their New Song


12:40 3 Nov 2023

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Ever thought you'd get the chance to collaborate with Coldplay?

Well you actually can!

Coldplay have put out the call, they want their fans to lend their voices to their new track.

They have a song called 'One World' all ready to go but it's missing one thing - a chorus of fans contributing!

In an Instagram post the band wrote:

“Hello everybody. We hope you are all ok in these wild times. We have nearly finished Moon Music. If you’d like to be on it too, perhaps you could add your voice to a song called One World. (We would love that a lot.)"

"All you have to do is record yourself singing “Ahhhhh” for a few seconds at (link in bio). You can either copy the note on the site, or sing a G or C in any octave. Thankyou so much. Love, Chris, Guy, Will and Jonny.”


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They've even laid out some clear instructions on their website so you can get the tune exactly right, and add your submission directly.

Fancy yourself now singing on a Coldplay single!

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