Catholic Priest Demoted After...


Catholic Priest Demoted After Allowing A Provocative Music Video Be Filmed In A Church


11:27 1 Dec 2023

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What a scandal!

A Catholic priest in America has been "relieved" of his administrative duties after giving the green light for a provocative music video be filmed in his church.

The singer Sabrina Carpenter used the Brooklyn church as the location for her music video 'Feather' and it included scenes of a blasphemous nature.

Scenes in the music video show Sabrina wearing a black lacy dress and dancing "provocatively" on the church's altar.

She's dancing around the pastel coffins of the unlucky men Sabrina left in her bloody trail earlier in the video, with one of the coffins labelled "RIP b****h"

We can't say we're surprised they aren't happy now they've seen what the church was used for!

In a statement, the Diocese of Brooklyn told the Catholic News Agency (CNA) that Bishop Robert Brennan was “appalled at what was filmed at Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Brooklyn.”

The offending priest, Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello, told the New York Times that he understood the music video was to involve a funeral scene, but the scenes used in the final cut were “not what was initially presented to me.”

The Diocese announced that the offending priest had his administrative duties revoked for failing to follow “diocesan policy regarding the filming on Church property, which includes a review of the scenes and script.”

We're guessing they're not going to be letting any more film crews in anytime soon!

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