Beyoncé Has Been Made The Hono...


Beyoncé Has Been Made The Honorary Mayor Of A California City


12:58 30 Aug 2023

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Are they just allowed to do these things in America 😂

Beyoncé is about to perform her headline show in Santa Clara in California, and the city are keen to mark the occasion in a big way!

The singer has been declared the honorary mayor of Santa Clara as she gets ready to perform at the city's Levi Stadium tonight ( the 30th of August).

They had a whole ceremony yesterday to celebrate the occasion of making the singer a temporary major of the city - where Beyoncé herself was not present 😅
Sure she has a concert to prepare for! But her publicist Dr Yvette Noel-Schure was there to accept the honour of her behalf.

In a speech made to the crowd at the ceremony, Dr Yvette said: “Immense gratitude on behalf of Ms Carter to all who made the decision to honour her here in Santa Clara and in the state of California”

“I have worked with Beyoncé now for close to 27 years, and it gives me great joy to see her still being recognised for her contribution to the arts and to society at large.”

This isn't the first time Santa Clara has temporarily made an international superstar the temporary mayor of their city. They bestowed the same honour on Taylor Swift during her two-night stint there as part of her Eras tour back in July. They also temporarily named the city to 'Swiftie Clara'.
Sometimes the world doesn't feel like a real place 😂

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