Beyoncé Charging €142 For


Beyoncé Charging €142 For "Listening Only" Tickets


10:13 1 Aug 2023

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Let's not make this a thing please!

Beyoncé is charging €142 for "listening only" tickets for her concerts.

What does "listening only" mean? Well you'll be at the concert, but you won't be able to see Beyoncé at all. These are seats that are behind the stage, and have no view of Beyoncé herself while she's performing.

The superstar singer is now on the US Leg of her incredible Renaissance tour, and in the arenas she's performing in, there are seats that have no view of the stage.

So some people are being given the option of purchasing "listening only" tickets, with full knowledge that they won't be able to see Beyoncé herself.

While "listening only" tickets are often bought by visually impaired fans, they're often sold at a heavily discounted price. So understandably, many fans are not happy with the price of these tickets.

When will the madness of ticket prices end 😪

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