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Tom Hanks And Robin Wright Are Reuniting For The First Time On Screen Since Forrest Gump


11:24 27 Jun 2024

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And they look like their younger selves too!

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright are reuniting on screen for the first time since Forrest Gump. They're also being reunited with the same director - Robert Zemeckis.

The film, Here, is a very unique one. The whole film is shot from the same perspective, showing one shot of the same room across 100 years. The camera doesn't move once!

The premise of the movie centres around the life of one house across 100 years, primarily focusing on one couple who live there (played by Tom Hanks and Robin Wright) from their lives as children right up until their 80s. The film will also show the house's inhabitants before and after the couple's time in the house.

The film's director Robert Zemeckis explained to Vanity Fair in a recent interview what drew him to this unique idea.

"The single perspective never changes, but everything around it does," he said in the interview.

"It’s actually never been done before. There are similar scenes in very early silent movies, before the language of montage was invented. But other than that, yeah, it was a risky venture."

The film also makes use of anti-aging technology to portray Tom Hanks and Robin Wright as their younger selves.

So it really does seem like Forrest and Jenny are reunited 30 years on!

You can watch the trailer for Here below 👇

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