James Cameron Puts The Titanti...


James Cameron Puts The Titantic Door Debate To Rest

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

10:15 19 Dec 2022

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There was room for 2 on that door!

Well according to James Cameron, there was not. And he has the scientific proof 😂

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, the Titantic director said he had "forensic analysis" done on a replica door to put the "whole thing to rest and drive a stake through its heart once and for all."

The scene features Jack and Rose trying to stay afloat in the freezing Atlantic after the Titanic sinks. Jack dies from hypothermia while Rose manages to survive lying on a big door.


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Ever since the movie's release in 1997, fans have debated whether both characters could have survived staying afloat on the door.

And James Cameron is sick of it!

With the help of a hypothermia expert, 2 stunt people and SENSORS all over door, they carried out tests using a variety of methods to prove there was no way both of them could survive.

Cameron also said he still doesn't regret writing Jack's tragic death.

"No, he needed to die. It's like Romeo & Juliet. It's a movie about love and sacrifice and mortality".

Kate Winslet also weighed in on the dispute recently. Speaking to podcast host Josh Horowitz's in an interview shared on Friday, she said while she thinks they both could have fit on the door, they wouldn't have stayed afloat.


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This question has obviously plagued her for 25 years as well 😂

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