You Can Now Track The Live Loc...


You Can Now Track The Live Locations Of All The Buses In Dublin

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

12:58 19 Apr 2023

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Where has this been all our lives!

Thanks to a tweet from Feljin Jose, people are discovering a website that shows you exactly where every bus in Dublin is at that exact moment.

It's called and you can check it out here.

Once you click onto a bus on the map, it tells you where it's going, and even if lets you know if it has USB ports!

You can also select a bus and it will show you all the buses on that route.

From this writer's current investigation, it's a little behind but only by 20-30 seconds! Which is nothing compared to a lifetime of waiting for phantom buses that Real Time Information promised were due 😂

Hopefully TFI Live have plans to integrate the live map into their app but for now we recommend opening up the website on your phone's browser and selecting 'add to home screen' to make the website easily accessible when you're out and about!

Thank you, you're doing the Lord's work 🙏

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