Why aren't we talking about fe...


Why aren't we talking about fertility?


03:48 22 Nov 2016

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One in six couples will experience fertility issues when trying to conceive. 

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, in fact, it’s fairly common, so, why aren’t we talking about fertility?

Vhi Healthcare spoke to 400 people around Ireland, and the key reason they found was a lack of education about the facts and a lack of open conversation about the topic.

With their new campaign, Let’s Talk About Fertility, Vhi Healthcare want to change the way the subject of fertility is dealt with in Ireland.

You can help by taking Vhi’s online Fertility Quiz and sharing it with your friends. Just two minutes will help you separate fertility fact from fiction. It will aim to arm you with the information you need to start the conversation and make Ireland a more supportive place for those seeking help.


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