Whatsapp Is Enabling Video Cal...


Whatsapp Is Enabling Video Calls


03:49 25 Oct 2016

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Earlier this month Whatsapp released an update which allowed users to take better pictures and add emojis to them.

Now, the messaging app is taking on the likes of Snapchat and FaceTime by rolling out video calls. The feature is being tested on a number of Android phones at the moment.

Video calls are being made available to Android users who are running a beta version of Whatsapp.

It's not yet known when the service will be rolled out in full, and also to iOS devices.

According to this blog, when you have video calling, "tapping the call button or contact card brings up a dialog with both voice and video as options."

"There may be a version of the app later that flips the switch on video calls automatically, but for now you're at the mercy of the WhatsApp gods."

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