Waking Up To Pee Can Damage Yo...


Waking Up To Pee Can Damage Your Relationship


01:59 17 Aug 2015

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Waking up in the middle of the night to use the toilet is having a negative effect on couples.

This news comes with the launch of a new campaign to raise awareness of the common condition, Nocturia.

Those that have the condition need to wake up and go to the toilet at night. Severe sufferers wake up several times, every single night to use the toilet.

New findings from Empathy Research has shown that one in five couples sleep in separate bedrooms, because the condition has caused so much arguing over a lack of sleep.

There are many different causes of Nocturia, including diabetes and an overactive bladder.

This condition not only affects sleep patterns but also mood, concentration, work performance, exercise, and meeting up with friends.

Over a quarter of sufferers are more likely to drink caffeine during the day to help them stay awake. Unfortunately caffeine only aggravates the condition.

Dr Declan Keane from the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin has said that this condition can impact an adult's ability to concentrate on everyday tasks:

"When sleep patterns are disturbed, sleep quality diminishes and this continuous lack of quality sleep can lead to other health problems. As the research shows tiredness can lead to drinking more caffeinated drinks and exercising less which also has implications for health. This awareness campaign aims to encourage people to speak to their GP if they feel they may suffer from nocturia as it can be easily diagnosed and treated effectively."

Going to the bathroom before bed, not drinking late at night and reducing the amount of tea and coffee are some ways people have been managing their Nocturia.

You can find help and advice here.

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