12:11 29 Jul 2016

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Uh-Oh - 10 Signs Your Addicted To Online Shopping

There's a new affliction sweeping the nation and at least one - if not two - in every Irish household are developing an acute addiction to online shopping*. Yes, we may soon need support groups to help us reign it in, but 'til then, let's face it; shopping makes us happy, and if we can do it from the comfort of our own homes, donned in our fluffy PJs with a mug of tea in hand, it makes us REALLY happy. It sure beats battling with crowds on a rainy afternoon and as for the delivery to our own front door? Well, it's easy to see how this obsession quickly takes hold; it's easy, it's convenient and it's instantly gratifying. Here are 10 signs you're addicted to online shopping, in no particular order.

  1. You always have something in your 'shopping basket'. You feel unnerved otherwise.

  1. You're on a first-name basis with the postman and he jokes about how you alone will guarantee his employment.

  1. You get surprised every time a new delivery arrives because you genuinely forget what you bought on your last online shopping frenzy. It’s like Christmas. Every. Time.

  1. You're a regular at your nearest recycling centre and you're a pro at squashing cardboard boxes (i.e. evidence of your addiction) so that they fit easily into the bin/can be hidden from potential naysayers.

  1. You operate a strict 'if one new thing comes in, one old thing must come out' policy, just to make you feel better about having too much stuff.

  1. You used to spend your lunch break browsing social media newsfeeds or verbally communicating with other members of the human race; now you hit up your favourite online stores and go bananas.

  1. You don't even actually have to buy anything, you just like to window shop online and take your purchase all the way to the point of entering in your card details before backing out.

  1. You get withdrawal symptoms if you haven't shopped online for one week. You literally break out in a sweat. At the same time, you feel incredibly proud and smug when you browse online without making it to the check-out.

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  1. Online transactions don't feel as real as shopping in person, therefore, it's not like you're spending actual money, right?

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  1. The idea of buying something you 'need' is a totally alien concept to you; you manage to justify every single purchase to yourself in a way that makes sense. E.g. 'Yes, I really do need this grumpy cat mug because it will majorly up my Instagram game, OBVIOUSLY.' And if your parents say ‘do you really need that?’ you see RED.

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* Well, we assume so…


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