This New Scheme Is Encouraging...


This New Scheme Is Encouraging Workplaces To Have 'Pet-Friendly' Offices

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

04:40 15 Feb 2023

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The DSPCA are encouraging workplaces to have 'office pets' to boost productivity and morale.

To tell us all about it, we had Daniel the Lurcher (and Gillian the Human) from the DSCPA.

We didn't tell Rebecca and Brendan about our surprise guest so you can listen below to see how happy it made them!

Spoiler alert, VERY!

The DSPCA have teamed up with the charity group Purina to come up with a toolkit to help offices implement a Pets At Work Scheme.

Since the pandemic, there's been a huge increase in pet ownership and with the slow return to office, they're hoping this scheme can help pet owners navigate the dilemma of caring for their pet while balancing work.

The scheme gives companies all the tools they need for implementing the scheme so if it's something you'd like to introduce in your company, you can find out more at their website!

Thanks again to Daniel and Gillian for calling into us in studio and telling us about their brilliant new scheme!

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