Things Irish People Miss When...


Things Irish People Miss When They Move Home From Australia


01:11 6 Apr 2017

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We all know the Irish are in love with Australia - with thousands emigrating every year.

We've teamed up with Fosters to celebrate the best things about Oz.

Here's some of the stuff people miss when they come home from livin' it up Down Under:

The weather

Well, this one goes without saying. In Ireland, we experience four seasons every day and never know what to be putting on us in the morning but in many parts of 'Straya it's summer all year round.

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The food spread, which is made from leftover brewers' yeast , is part of the national diet.

The Laid Back Vibe

It's VERY hard to stress out an Australian.  The famous  laid back vibe Down Under can make all your worries disappear.

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Spending Christmas day like this:

 summer goals tanning sunbathing sun bathing GIF


"Slip a shrimp on the barbie."

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Tim Tams

They're like Penguin Bars only better!


We know you can never beat a packet of Tayto but these savoury snacks are pretty tasty.

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The animals

So cute!

 koala austrailia GIF

The informal dress code

Throw on some thongs and you're good to go.  And no, not the ones Sisqo sings about.



The department store is kind of like an Aussie version of Arnotts.

Caramello Koalas

While we love a Freddo bar back home, these Aussie treats are also yum.

All in all, living Down Under is pretty deadly!

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