The Magician Confirmed For Ele...


The Magician Confirmed For Electric Picnic


12:24 11 Aug 2017

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The Magician has been confirmed to play next month's Electric Picnic. With hits such as Sunlight and a re-mix of I Follow Rivers, the DJ will headline Heineken's new set-up at the festival.

The Live Your Music space is a crowd responsive space, where festival-goers are invited "to unlock epic experiences".

Taking inspiration from the greatest club and arena experiences around the world, the fully-responsive space boasts a 360 degree lighting rig, along with CO2 cannons, over 20 DJs and MCs - all powered by the crowd.

Throughout the weekend, technology will gauge the crowd's energy by tracking noise levels, body movement and heat. Every move made by the crowd will generate energy peaks that trigger state-of-the-art visuals.

Alongside The Magician, Irish acts like Lo Cutz, Arveene and Claire Beck will also be doing their best to get the crowd (and the staging) pumping.

You can see the full line-up for the sold-out Electric Picnic here, and you can find out about volunteering here.

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