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The Great Blasket Island Is Once Again Looking For Two Island Caretakers


01:04 21 Jan 2021

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The Great Blasket Island is hiring!

One of the most sought after jobs in the world is up for grabs once again.

The Great Blasket Island needs two new caretakers, could it be you?

File:Great Blasket Island.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Following what's been almost a year of working from home, little is more desirable than the idea of getting paid to live on a beautiful island with your significant other or close friend!

The role involves managing the island's coffee shop and four holiday cottages.

File:Accommodation on the Blasket Island.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Successful candidates will spend their days greeting guests and serving drinks on the island off Kerry.

High season can get extremely busy and the job requires hardworking, responsible and trustworthy applicants.

File:2019-07-23-Slea Head-6612.jpg

The caretakes will live above the coffee shop, sharing the main bedroom - hence why the positions tend to go to couples.

But there are no rules on who may apply!

File:Inishtooskert, Blasket Islands.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The role begins on 1st April 2021 and finishes on 1st October.

A wage will be discussed upon application.

File:2019-07-23-Slea Head-6612.jpg

Those who wish to apply can check out the Great Blasket Island website here, but you'll need to be quick - applications close tomorrow or when the maximum number of people have applied.

Good luck!

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