Summer Holiday Suitcase Checkl...


Summer Holiday Suitcase Checklist


03:30 6 Jun 2017

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After booking your flights and accommodation, getting time off work and choosing between all inclusive or not, it’s time to pack.

Packing for a summer holiday can be a daunting task when choosing to pack the straightener or the curler and picking which make up palette you will actually use but here are your necessities for this year’s holiday!

Sun Cream

If you have typical Irish skin then sun cream is a must. Shop around before your holiday and find one that most suits your skin. You don’t want to spend your holiday in the shade hiding your sunburn. Always use a sun protection factor that is at least 15 to protect against UVB and a four-star UVA protection. 

Sun Glasses

Penny’s is fully stocked with all sorts of shades. Stock up before you end up spending a fortune on glasses away at the tourist markets. Again make sure your glasses block both UVA and UVB light!

LOTS of Underwear

It’s very easy to think, ah one week means 7 pairs of underwear. Yet getting in and out of the pool and having several showers to cool down from the heat, it’s always better to have a fresh pair of pants!

Airport Clothes

There is nothing worse than getting off a four hour flight back from your holidays only to be waiting around the airport in shorts. Remember the weather won’t follow you back so have cosy clothes to keep you warm.


Bring a couple of bags such as handbags, clutch, beach bag and of course plastic bags for your dripping swimsuits. Having to use your beach bag on a night out or trying to squeeze a towel into your handbag is not ideal.

Something for the Kids

If you’re going away with children make sure you bring something to entertain them for when you’re trying to relax. A film downloaded on the phone or iPad for on the plane and inflatable toys for the pool.

Flip Flops

Unfortunately you will get sick of the sandals and runners so bringing flip flops are a must for a stroll down the beach.

Plug Adapter

Remember to check if the country you’re going to has the standard EU plug or if you need an adapter. If you can’t charge your phone and post your holiday on Instagram then were you even on holidays?

Leave Space

Don’t over pack your bag and leave no room for holiday gifts. Even though you say you’re not bringing anything back, you will! A Fridge magnet for mom, bottle of absence for the sister and new shorts for you will also have to fit in the suitcase.

Beach Towel

It’s so easy to forget a beach towel but write it down on your checklist! You don’t want to be that person trying to sneak a few hand towels from the hotel to the beach.

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