Some Silly Words Have Been Add...


Some Silly Words Have Been Added To The Oxford Dictionary


02:49 27 Aug 2015

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1000 new words have been added to the Oxford Dictionary.

Some of these are understandable additions, while others should just not be allowed in the English language, let alone the dictionary.

Awesomesauce: extremely good or excellent

Bants: banter, playful fun or teasing

Beer O'Clock: The time of day to start drinking

Brain Fart: a temporary mental lapse

Brexi: a term for the potential or hypothetical departure of England from the EU

Cupcakery: A bakery that specialises in cupcakes

Cat cafe: A cafe where people pay to play with cats...

Fatberg: congealed waste in the sewers, made up of things that have been flushed down the toilet

These are just a small selection of the 1000 words added to the dictionary. Most of them are kind of pointless.

But they are all going to make playing scrabble really annoying!

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