Referendums, The Housing Crisi...


Referendums, The Housing Crisis & Taylor Swift Tickets: Leo Varadkar's Interview On 98FM's Big Breakfast


01:16 15 Feb 2024

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We were delighted to have Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on 98FM's Big Breakfast this morning.

On 8 March 2024, Irish citizens will be asked to vote in two referendums to change our Constitution.

The first Referendum concerns the concept of Family in the Constitution.

The second Referendum proposes to delete an existing part of the Constitution and insert new text providing recognition for care provided by family members to each other.

The Taoiseach popped in to chat to Rebecca & Brendan ahead of the referendum and explain to Big Breakfast listeners what they're voting for and to explain the voting process to any first-time voters.

They also spoke to the Taoiseach about the housing crisis as both Rebecca and Brendan are currently in the market to buy a home.

But it wasn't all serious chat on 98FM's Big Breakfast! Leo revealed what he did for Valentine's day this year and what he chatted about with Kylie when he met her.

Listen to the full interview below 👇

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