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Phillip Schofield Announces Autobiography Out This October


12:11 8 Jul 2020

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Life's What You Make It

Phillip Schofield is releasing an autobiography.

The TV presenter took to Instagram this morning to announce the news and showcase the initial cover.

Life's What You Make It has been a long time coming.

Schofield revealed he wrote the first line when he was about 14.

In 2017 he wrote the first chapter, but stopped 'because the time wasn’t right'.

He went on to reveal that he's been 'making notes of the stories and events of my life that I thought would tell my story' for years.

'Finally, in Lockdown, I knew that all the pieces of the jigsaw had been put into place and I was ready to write,' Schofield told his fans.

'It has been a fascinating experience, both immense fun and deeply emotional,' he continued.

'Finally, after all these years, I’m happy it’s gone from my head, to the page.'

'I’ve been honest and I’ve been me.'


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Life's What You Make It is out on 23rd October this year.

You can pre-order the book now via this link.

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