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New Accessories For Your Dog's Roadtrips


02:57 18 Aug 2015

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Ever wanted to bring your dog on a long car journey, but didn't because they wouldn't be securely fastened in the car.

Well fear no more because SKODA has launched a brand new line of car accessories for dogs.

Model Vogue Williams helped launch the new line:

"I love being active and being able to bring my dog Winston along to explore new walking routes and trails around the country.  The ŠKODA doggy seatbelt is so convenient and means I can strap him in safely so he doesn’t have to miss out on any road trips! The back seat cover is also amazing for keeping the boot clean and dry if Winston has been in for a swim!"

Part of their range is actually a blessing. The backseat protector will keep your car seats clean, because dogs shed like there's no tomorrow.

You can also get a doggy seat belt for your pooch, and the clever contraption even doubles as a leash.

So basically, you can hold your dog in position so it doesn't annoy you when you're driving!

In all seriousness though, this is a safe option for those that want to bring their dogs with them on a road trip. It also makes sure that, should there be an accident, your dog should stay safe.

No more of this so!


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