Mr. Tayto Confirms The Return...


Mr. Tayto Confirms The Return Of Banshee Bones For Halloween


11:41 9 Sep 2020

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Banshee Bones are back

2020 is looking up!

Mr. Tayto took to Twitter this morning to confirm the return of Banshee Bone crisps.

Somehow comedian Rory's Stories broke the news first, tweeting an image of the packet and revealing the famed crisps will be back in shops for Halloween.

Mr. Tayto then followed up with:

Guess what’s back, back again, #BansheeBones are back, tell a friend! Looks like @RorysStories stole my thunder. Keep your eyes peel’ed to stores over the coming weeks for my latest limited edition!'

Halloween Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

Fans were delighted by the news and with only 52 days to Halloween we don't have long to wait!

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