Maia Dunphy Had The Best Respo...


Maia Dunphy Had The Best Response To This Scam Texter

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

12:50 17 May 2023

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We're big supporters of wasting scammers time 😂

TV producer and writer Maia Dunphy received a spam message and knew exactly what was happening so she decided to mess around with the person trying to scam her.

If you're not familiar with this scam, be careful as it's one of the most convincing ones out there!

The scammer targets mothers of older children, texting random numbers going: "Mum I am texting you on my new phone because my old one is broken. Could you send me a message on whatsapp so I can text you from my new phone".

Once the contact is made they try to convince their target that this is their child and they're in bad need of money.

But Maia Dunphy was wise to this and after the sharing the above message with her Twitter followers, she followed up with "Decided to text my new child back... 🧵".

And thus begins the most hilarious string of messages we've seen in a while 😂

She starts planting some questionable stories in her responses. But the scammer is too focused on their own agenda to question them 😅

When do you think the scammer caught on? When she called him Scammy Hooer? 😂


Bravo Maia! Definitely the most entertaining thread we've read in while! Read the full thing here.

Feature photo: Robbie Reynolds


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