Lindt Unveil Their First Ever...


Lindt Unveil Their First Ever Christmas Sharing Tin


12:14 7 Sep 2020

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Just 109 days to Christmas...

Yes, the Christmas conversations are creeping in!

This week Lindt have launched their first ever festive sharing tin.

Lindt_aus chocolate excellence lindt masterchocolatier GIF

The chocolatier are entering the Christmas market going up against brands like Quality Street, Celebrations and Roses.

The Lindt tin will have 32 individually-wrapped delicious chocolates in six different flavours.

They will include their classics: milk, white, and dark chocolate.

But we'll also get milk & white, hazelnut, and a brand new flavour - salted caramel.

Lindt_aus chocolate lindt chocolatier melted chocolate GIF

Keep an eye out for the tins in your local supermarket.

Prices start from £15 in the UK.

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