THIS could be Jennifer Aniston...


THIS could be Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Dress


12:18 19 Aug 2015

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The rumour mill has been in overdrive since news broke of Jennifer Aniston's secret wedding to Justin Theroux, but little to no details have emerged that can be confirmed. 

People got very excited at the weekend when they thought a photo of Jen's dress had surfaced... but it turned out to be a fake



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Now a reality TV show may have revealed what the actress wore on her wedding day. In 'Say Yes to the Dress' a saleswoman at a new New York based outlet appears to reveal it was a Mark Zunino gown costing $8,400.

Her exact words were "I know the dress really well, I actually picked this for Jen Aniston to wear on her wedding day... In my head this is Jennifer Aniston's dress."


Now, we hear ya, that does NOT mean Jennifer actually wore this dress, does it? The consultant may never have been asked to select gowns for Jen.

Mark Zunino has neither confirmed nor denied he dressed her for her big day, but it's a nice bit publicity for him either way, eh?

We do have an idea of what Jennifer wore for her wedding to Brad Pitt, though. That will have to do us for the time being!

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