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How To Find Relaxation In Our Hectic Digital World


10:34 12 Apr 2018

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Taking work home, working on your day off, or just not being able to switch off. It's something we're all guilty of.

It's all down to living in a world where we're surrounded by technology 24/7.

Good thing we're here to help, as we've compiled a list of ways that you can disconnect from the hectic life you lead, by taking 'five' and enjoying some much deserved me-time.

Unwind To Your Favourite Tunes

Sometimes all you need is a bit of music therapy. Slow tempo songs can relax your mind, soothe muscles and release the built up stress from your day.

Maybe it's the calming sounds of rain that will bring you to your happy place, or relaxing meditation music with a side of Yin & Yang may be more to your taste.

We've searched through spotify and found the perfect playlist. With a nice mix of tropical house, calming vocals & your daily fix of pop music. Chill Hits has the best new hits and recent chill tunes.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Movement

Not that we're experts in the field of meditation, but we have taken a few yoga classes to know it can provide a much needed relaxation moment to re-balance a busy lifestyle.

Everywhere you look in the City there seems to be a new yoga studio popping up or have our friends constantly talking about the amazing effects it's having on them.

Yoga makes you stop, sit with ourselves and focus on the inner mind and body. As well as mindfulness, it also had many physical benefits like improving flexibility, helps perfect posture and increases blood flow.

If you'd like to to try yoga at home there are plenty of online beginner tutorials, like this: 

If you're looking for a class, Yoga Dublin has a list of classes happening across the City.

Retail Therapy

Five new outfits, two new pairs of shoes and some jewellery.... 

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of me-time, alone with your credit card, in a shopping centre, bagging the best bargains around.

We've all gone shopping, spent lots of money and immediately felt our mood improve, Rite? 

The Journal of Consumer Psychology released a study that found retail therapy not only makes people happier straight away, but it can also fight sadness and relieve stress.

Now that we know it's scientifically proven, here are the top 10 locations in Dublin for some retail therapy.

1) Dundrum Town Centre

2) Stephens Green Shopping Centre

3) Jervis Shopping Centre

4) Blanchardstown Centre

5) Liffey Valley

6) Powerscourt Centre

7) Pavilions Swords

8) Ilac Centre

9) Georges Street Arcade

10) The Grafton Quarter

Spa Experience At Home

After a long day who wouldn't like a spa treatment?

But that would involve getting stuck in more traffic, spending a fortune and actually having to get up and leave the house.

Why not bring the spa to you?

  • Light some candles & put on some soothing music to help set the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Give yourself a mini facial and if you're feeling adventurous, why not make your own face mask?
  • Continue the pampering with a hand or head massage.
  • Run a hot bath and chill.

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