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GreenHouse Project: Mindfulness


06:24 7 Jun 2017

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The Greenhouse is about working with the whole person from nutrition, exercise, bodyworks and Skincare. But we cannot forget that Mind and Body go hand in hand.

It’s reported that by 2020 1 in 4 Irish people will be seeking help for Mental Health. Mind matters is an area The Greenhouse is very passionate about but it is so broad so they are taking their time to ensure they are offering clients what is relevant to them.

Stress is such a big factor - if we are too stressed then we don’t eat properly, sleep properly or even exercise properly and this can lead to feelings of groundhog day.

There’s a huge amount of research on stress and how it impacts on people’s lives and the cumulative effect it has on our health from heart disorders, stomach problems, weakening of the immune system, skin disorders and depression.

The Greenhouse offers clients many ways they can de-stress and relax as well as increase their mental strength –

  • Yoga is the perfect mindful experience to help people to de-stress, focus and there are  physical benefits too.
  • The Greenhouse also runs Mindfulness classes and one to ones. They also have Meditation on request.
  • The Marma Abhyanga Massage  is an energising and rejuvenating full body massage designed to release blocked energy (physical & emotional) and bring balance to the doshas in the body. Massage techniques focus on stimulating the vital energy (marma) points throughout the body along the energy points (Nadis) whilst harmonising and stimulating the organ functions and immunity.
  • The Greenhouse has also created the De-stress Getaway ritual and the Relax Let it Go ritual to help client relieve short term stress and relaxation efforts– they both combine exercise, nutrition and bodyworks treatments.
  • If you need help and guidance on Moving forward either personally or with your career (or both!), The Greenhouse also offers Life Coaching and Executive coaching..

There’s more info on these & many other classes, treatments on

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