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Get Your Hands On Niall Horan's 98FM Golf Clubs

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

06:42 4 May 2023

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Fancy owning a pair of golf clubs Niall Horan has played with?

Now, they are a kids golf clubs 😂

But they're the famous golf clubs Niall played with during his 98FM Big Breakfast interview!

We're looking for the biggest Niall Horan fan to take this golf clubs off our hands. They're lying around the office and we (Brendan especially) keep tripping over them!

We want to give these golf clubs to someone who will really appreciate them. So we're running a charity auction to give away the golf clubs to the highest bidder - and the biggest Niall Horan fan!

The charity auction will raise much needed funds for Barnados.
Barnados work tirelessly in Irish communities to help every child reach their full potential and work towards a future where no child has to suffer.

To get your hands on the clubs Niall touched, fill out the form below.

The winner will be interviewed on 98FM so please let us know if you're ok to take a phone call to talk about your love for Niall ❤


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