Favourite Primary School Memor...


Favourite Primary School Memories ... We Feel Old!


06:40 5 Aug 2016

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It's almost back to school time so we've decided to take a trip down memory lane and put together a list of some of our favourite primary school memories.

Warning: The below may make you feel really old...

Drinking Milk From Little Cartons

Them bones them bones need calcium!

An Bhfuil Cead Agam Dul go Dtí an Leithreas Más é do thoil é?

We don't miss asking the teacher if you can go to the toilet as Gaeilge. There was always this intense panic to try and get the whole sentence out before you wee yourself.

Switching Desks

Twice a year the teacher used to call everyone up to the top of the classroom and send them back to a different desk. 'Twas a great way to make new friends really, but it was pretty grim when you were sat in front of the teacher!

The Recorder

There's no better feeling than missing maths class for a recorder lesson. We have yet to see anyone playing this instrument after they leave primary school though.

Covering You School Books In Brown Paper Or Wall Paper

Just to make them look gorge, hun.

When The Teacher Brought The Telly In On Wheels

Pure joy!

Getting A Star In Your Copybook

Best feeling EVER.

Using A Fountain Pen For The First Time

This was a big day. Using a fountain pen always made us feel like a fancy adult but there was always one kid who used to spill ink EVERYWHERE on a daily basis.

The Nature Table

It was full of rocks and pine cones, no doubt.

Carrying A Massive Bag

Bringing In Your Packed Lunch

It probably contained a Billy Roll sandwich, a petit filous, a club milk or kitkat and was finished off with some diluted orange.

Forgetting Your Lunch

Absolute 'mare!

New Stationary

What a great way to waste your parents money than going in and buying as many pens as you can. That was until they found the 4-in-1 pen and we spent all year trying to write a sentence with all four colours

Sports Day

Who knew it was so important to be able to run fast with an egg on the end of a spoon? You’d always watch out for the cheat in the class who would use a sneaky thumb to finish first.

The September Sweats

Why did the sun ALWAYS appear in September! We’re back at school, why must you punish us

the simpsons hot sun sunny hans moleman


Could we sing? Nope. Did we like to sing to get out of class? We’ll let you decide...

boy father cage choir alter


Until you get back into the swing of things, the best part of the school day was hometime. Get me home in time to see James Bond Jr, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and The Simpsons. I’ll do all my homework after, promise.

School days are the best days of our life but back to school can be a tricky customer. Sometimes, the kids think they know what’s best but at Tesco they know the truth. They’re big on doing their homework (with the help from parents).

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