Dublin Man Set To Become Oldes...


Dublin Man Set To Become Oldest Person To Travel World On Bike


11:11 22 Mar 2018

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In just over a week Rush native and retired teacher Dermot Higgins is set to break a new World Record by becoming the oldest person to travel the World on bicycle.

The 55 year old, started out his world trip last June, in a bid to break the record.

As well as cycling 31,000 KM around the world, the retired teacher has also raised over €10,000 for charity along the way.

Dermot stopped off to celebrate St Patrick's Day on Capitol Hill, where he met An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, before undertaking the final leg of his journey.

He's set to arrive back in Dublin on Easter Sunday, when he'll have the new record.

Speaking to Dublin Gazette, Dermot said "All I actually have to do is cross the finish line in Madrid, and the record is mine! I’ve done the distance, and I’ve achieved what I’d set out to do."

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