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Ditch Detoxes and Make Realistic Resolutions, Charity Advises

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With 2023 nearly upon us, many people have begun goal-setting for the new year.

However, many common resolutions, such as aiming to lose a lot of weight quickly, can be unsustainable and unhealthy.

Mental health charity Turn2Me is urging people to be more realistic about their New Year's resolutions to avoid setting themselves up for disappointment, or even harming themselves.

The charity's CEO, Fiona O'Malley, says setting goals for the new year should start small and focus on progress rather than perfection.

"A lot of them can include losing an extreme amount of weight, restricting your diet, not watching TV in the evenings or exercising every single day", she explained.

"Instead of setting lots of unrealistic New Year's resolutions, which often lead to disappointment if they can't be maintained or achieved, setting a smaller number of realistic goals can be more achievable."

Ms O'Malley suggests implementing something new into your life in 2023 instead of just giving things up.

"You could start a new part-time course, you could sign up for a walking or hiking group, join a book club or drama society", she said.

"New Year's is a great time for new beginnings and starting a new project."

"It doesn't always have to mean extreme detoxes and rigid diets."

Turn2Me is running free support groups on anxiety, depression, grief, and relationship issues for anyone struggling with their mental health in 2023.

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